A downloadable game for Windows

Simple little dungeon crawler with combat, 5 dungeon floors, keys, classes, shops and party system. Everything is text-based and the game is run from the command line.

**I know people don't like batch files, but the save system doesn't work with an executable. If you don't care about saving, download the old version**

====Latest Update====

-Added a save feature! The game isn't super long, but it's nice to be able to save and reload if you die

-Make sure you extract all files before attempting to play


Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

To play this game, you must have JDK installed



ASCII Dungeon (New).zip 110 kB
JavaMaze (Old).zip 203 kB


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how the hell do i play it won't load

yo i played your game and i looked at the code and i wanna say that you deserve a frickin grammy for taking the time to print out all those rooms and enemies and everything like wow great job!!

is there trailer?

I suppose I could make one, but the game is quite short and there isn't much action (in the traditional sense) to show off.

If you're interested, there is a link to a video of gameplay in the game desc.

Thanks for playing!